Entertainer of the Year Timed Online Auction 6/29 - Pacific Auctions And Appraisals

Entertainer of the Year Timed Online Auction 6/29

Entertainer of the Year Timed Online Auction 6/29

Our upcoming auction features an irresistible array of unique and captivating items that will surely ignite your passion for collecting. Picture yourself hosting memorable gatherings with a set of Heath Ceramics Sage Coupe Line Dinnerware Dinner Plates, setting an elegant table that reflects your refined taste.

Calling all jewelry enthusiasts! Discover the allure of exquisite pieces such as a Diamond Ring in 14kt Gold, a Purple Sapphire in Sterling, or a Morgan Silver Dollar Bolo Tie. These dazzling accessories are not only fashion statements but also investments that can be cherished for a lifetime.

Venture into the realm of nostalgia with vintage Morse Code Telegraph Keys, evoking memories of a time when communication was an art form. Feel the thrill of owning pieces that carry the weight of history and technological advancement.

And let's not forget about the art of entertaining! Impress your guests with gourmet dishware and barware.

Join us at our exclusive auction and embark on an extraordinary journey.. Don't miss this opportunity to acquire these remarkable treasures that will enhance your gatherings and bring joy to your heart. Mark your calendar and prepare to bid on these exceptional items that will become cherished additions to your personal collection. See you at the auction!



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