9/16 Lake Campbell Estate Auction - Collection Of A Lifetime - Pacific Auctions And Appraisals

9/16 Lake Campbell Estate Auction - Collection Of A Lifetime

9/16 Lake Campbell Estate Auction - Collection Of A Lifetime

NO SHIPPING AVAILABLE FOR THIS AUCTION - LOCAL PICK UP ONLY - Pick Up/Removal for this auction will be near Lake Campbell in Anacortes, Washington.

OVER 1400 LOTS of Antique and Vintage Collectibles.
From our clients:
Many generations of our family are represented within this auction. As my sisters and I began to sort through my father’s home and property, meaningful items were discovered, not only from his life, but from previous generations. Family albums dating back to the 1840’s were found and it was heartwarming to see actual photos of great, great aunts and uncles that we heard about throughout our lives.

Initially, we wanted to hold on to each and every treasure and precious memory but ultimately realized we couldn’t possibly keep everything. We eventually recognized that one of the ways we could honor our dad is to share the things he loved with others. While doing so, we also felt the need to share our father’s meaningful family history. 

My grandfather grew up very poor and lived in Texas. His mother died when he was twelve and his father struggled to provide for him and his siblings. Grandpa told stories of hardship through humor and grace and he lit up when telling us how the Sears Roebuck & Co. Catalogue changed his life. He was particularly thrilled to tell us that the pages of Sears Catalog replaced corn cobs as toilet paper.    

My Grandpa spoke with pride about being hired as a general laborer by Tyson Chicken and Meats. He tended to the turkeys and never let the management know that he was secretly living in the turkey coop to save money. He was eventually able to save 25 dollars -- an amount that paid for one year of college tuition. Management eventually found out about his living situation and were so impressed by his work ethic that they build him a house next to the turkey coops. With a wink he would say they were also able to overlook the small number of turkeys that disappeared during that last year.   

After college, my grandpa worked in the field of animal husbandry and eventually owned a large-scale construction company that expanded throughout Texas and parts of the Midwest. Old photos of him depicted a man with gold rimmed glasses, wearing a clean and pressed suit. Our family has found meaning when thinking of him, a man of humble beginnings who bravely pursued the American dream. Many of his prized possessions and collections are in this sale.  

Our father was also born in Texas and raised in Indiana. He had a passion for many things and my grandmother described him as someone who “had too many irons in the coals.” Our dad never had a shortage of collections, interests, or hobbies. He was a passionate grandfather, farmer, gardener, fisherman, hunter, music lover, and collector of glassware, obscure literature, and many other things. His enthusiasm for life allowed him to see infinite value in just about anything. 

While living in Indiana as a young adult, my father genuinely loved going to auctions and estate sales. He particularly enjoyed bidding on old boxes, contents inside, unknown. He was also fascinated by the actual boxes themselves, even if the contents ended up being old blankets or socks. On occasion, however, hidden treasures were discovered, including old, historical artifacts. The joy of discovering treasures resulted in his interest in attending many auctions, estate sales, flea markets, antiques shops, and garage sales. 

My sisters and I have many memories of Dad’s interest in collecting. Whether discovering a tiny fishing reel and lure or a large, oddly styled piece of furniture, our dad loved the journey of treasure hunting. He worked very hard to acquire things that had value to him. 

When our family moved from Indiana to Anacortes, WA, in 1990, my father discovered a whole new world of collections, many of which are included in this sale. Although we continue to grieve for our dad and his meaningful life journey, we find peace in knowing that others will experience a sense of joy and delight while discovering “hidden treasures” from his estate. Thank you for treating his treasures with love and joy.

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