10 Collectibles That Can Make You Big Money

10 Collectibles That Can Make You Big Money

In the world of collectibles, it's often the most accessible items that bring in the biggest surprises. With that in mind, let's explore ten collectibles to provide a clear picture of their potential value. We also showcase an extraordinary item that recently made a splash at our auction house.
1. Mallard Pair Duck Decoys By Richard "Fresh Air Dick" Janson

A stunning example of a high-value collectible comes from our own auction house. This pair of Mallard Duck Decoys, crafted by Richard "Fresh Air Dick" Janson, were part of the esteemed Ron G. Butler collection. The beautiful 17" pieces, complete with glass eyes, recently fetched an impressive $12,100 at auction. Such a price showcases the high demand for meticulously crafted decoys, especially those with a reputable pedigree.

2. Vintage Comic Books

Considered the Holy Grail of comic books, Action Comics #1 marks the first appearance of Superman. A pristine copy of this comic sold for over $3.2 million in 2014.

3. Collectible Coins

Even relatively recent coins can fetch a high price, such as a 1992 Close AM Penny, which sold for $25,850 in 2012 due to a rare mint error.

4. Postage Stamps

Common stamps might not fetch high prices, but rarities like the 1918 24-Cent Inverted Jenny Stamp can - a block of four sold for $2.97 million in 2005.

5. Vinyl Records

The right records can bring in significant money. A copy of The Beatles' "White Album" owned by Ringo Starr sold at auction for $790,000 in 2015.

6. Vintage Toys

Toys can sometimes be worth more than their weight in gold. A 1963 G.I. Joe prototype sold for $200,000 at auction in 2003.

7. First Edition Books

Books can hide substantial value, like a first edition of J.K. Rowling's "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," which fetched $90,000 at auction in 2019.

8. Antique & Vintage Furniture

In 1988 an original Gustav Stickley sideboard, built for his own home, sold at Christie’s for the then unheard of price of $363,000. The purchaser: Barbra Streisand. Eleven years later, it was resold for $596,000

9. Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can bring staggering prices, such as the basketball jersey worn by Barack Obama in high school, which fetched $120,000 in 2019.

10. Vintage Advertising Items

Certain advertising memorabilia can command high prices. Produced in 1902, a brilliantly hued Coke poster emblazoned “Drink Carbonated Coca-Cola in Bottles” featured a young woman in a fancy plumed hat and pearl-covered red dress holding a fountain glass of the fizzy beverage. It reached the top of its estimate range at $40,800 in 2015.

The takeaway? The collectibles market is broad and varied, with many common items having the potential to bring in big money. So whether you're a buyer looking for a sound investment, or a seller looking to cash in, there's ample opportunity in the world of collectibles.
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